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Access Interview: Jennifer Garner

Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien cozied up to Jennifer Garner on the set of her new film 13 Going On 30, where she got candid about the triumphs and troubles she's facing head on. Jennifer was the picture of poise as she continues to face tough times in her personal life. It was just in March 2003 that Jennifer and husband Scott Foley ended their marriage.

In 13 Going On 30, a teenage Jennifer wakes up one morning to find she's suddenly jumped 17 years into her future. It sounds like a role that could further cement Jennifer's superstar status. It worked for a young Tom Hanks back when he played a boy trapped in a man's body in the comedy Big.

Jennifer talked about the unfortunate divorce, her new role and stepping in for Gwyneth Paltrow.

Pat O'Brien: Tell me about this outfit so we can get that out of the way. Did you wear this for me or is this part of the movie?

Jennifer: (laughs) Yeah, I just decided to do all my interviews in lingerie from now. My character Jenna in 13 Going On 30 wakes up and is in such a state that she leaves her apartment in her nightgown. She kind of goes through the day pretending she is in a retro situation with a slip dress.

Pat: People want to know how you are doing? How you are getting through all of this and managing your life?

Jennifer: I'm doing very well -- all things considered. Thank you very much for asking. It means a lot to me that you care and people care. You know, it's not an ideal time in my life, but I have such great girlfriends, and I was able to go away with them to Hawaii for almost a week. I also went home to my parents. I had a nice time away and it has been really fun to work on a comedy.

Pat: Let's talk about the movie because this is kind of like Big, which I loved. Everybody has a fantasy of being something else or doing something else, so is it fun to dive into this thing?

Jennifer: It's exactly why you would want to become an actor because you have to force yourself to remember what it was like to be 13 and then to act it out. There is nothing more fun in the world than just going completely in a different direction all the time, and this is so opposite of what I do all the time on Alias. It is so nice to just kind of laugh all day.

Pat: Give us a thumbnail description of the movie and your character.

Jennifer: Well, this young girl at age 13 is so dissatisfied with her life. She is at her 13th birthday party and is kind of dissed by people that she would hope to be popular with. She makes a wish, of course, to be older and to be someone else. Suddenly, she wakes up in her apartment and she is 30. It is very reminiscent of what we know of as Big.

Pat: So it's like Big in many ways -- almost the same situation

Jennifer: It's like Big in many ways, but it makes me nervous to say that because Tom Hanks was so brilliant and it is such an incredible beautiful movie that to compare myself to him in any way is nerve-wracking. But, yes, the storylines are similar in that suddenly this girl that has made a wish to be older is now 30.

Pat: There shouldn't be a lot of pressure in carrying a movie for you because you carried a TV show. This is the first movie that you are really expected to carry, right?

Jennifer: I miss the comfortable umbrella of Ben. Ben Affleck was great protection for me last summer. He was a great friend and mentor. He would show me like, 'This is how you step up and this is what is expected of you and this is how you go through the publicity of it.' I do feel a little all on my own, but there is such a great cast on this movie.

Pat: What about Elektra [Jennifer's Daredevil character]? Are they going to do something with that?

Jennifer: I think that there is something in the works to be made next summer, definitely. We still need to read the first draft of the script, and if it isn't great than none of us want to do it.

Pat: So are you confident that will be done?

Jennifer: I am hoping that it will be done. I had a really great time playing that role.

Pat: We need to know: How is Alias going to start next season?

Jennifer: Believe me, so do I. It kills me! I had dinner with JJ Abrams and I said, 'Come on, you're going back to work to start writing for me, you must know what is going on.' And he said, 'I don't know.' I think he just does that to mess with me. (laughs)

Pat: You're stepping in for Gwyneth Paltrow in Happy Endings. How great is it to be put in that position?

Jennifer: I'm really nervous and excited about it. It's a huge compliment. It is a totally different role for me and once again that is what is so fun. It's great to get to explore all of these different characters at this point in my career. She is a little bit bad.

Pat: How bad?

Jennifer: I have to learn how to smoke. I have to say horrible things. I have to do horrible things. It's just bad. It's going to be fun.
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