Avi Arad Updates Fans on Marvel Movies

Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad gives updates on forthcoming movies based on Captain America, Nick Fury, Ghost Rider, Submariner, and many others.
During this year's San Diego ComicCon Marvel Studios CEO and chairman Avi Arad both discussed and gave updates on the majority of currently in development characters from Marvel's stable.

On Ghost Rider:

Arad: "Ghost Rider is going to be August 06, unless things change. The movie wrapped. It’s now in post-production. It’s a movie we’ve tried to make for a long time, actually with the same team. Mark, Nic and myself have been into this – actually at one time Mark and I started to give up on the movie and looked into doing a live action television show but then we pulled out. Don’t give up!"

Captain America, Submariner and others.

Q: Captain America is maybe one of the best known comic book characters ever, but there’s no movie. What’s up with that property?

Arad: "We’re about to start. The big ones that are about to happen – with our universe because of our writers and the interest in our characters, when we get started on it, we will make it. You have Captain America, you have Thor, you have Nick Fury. We are pretty advanced on Submariner. There are others like Killraven, Power Pack, Black Widow, Black Panther. It’s endless and there are many that aren’t as well known outside the comic book community but once you take the concept out and explain it, it becomes very cinematic. Some of them more than others."


"So when you look at us and say there are so many – we just completed a script on a comic book called Deathlok. Raven [Metzner] and Stu [Zicherman] just handed it in on the way here. If you go to the movies you’ll say, “That’s based on a comic?” You’ll ask it. As you know in the book it was internal, we made it external. It’s a fable about our future, which is already here. Look at all these guys with Bluetooth."

Nick Fury:

"Each one of our characters you just have to define. Nick Fury – Nick Fury to me always was, there’s no American James Bond. James Bond is an incredible franchise based on what a British 007 would be, but you don’t have a franchise based on what an American guy would be with the same job, belief, everything. That’s Nick Fury. So if you do him right, no one will care what it is based on if it’s good."

Q: Word is that Bruce Willis is interested in Nick Fury. Can you comment on that?

Arad: "I think he is interested. We are talking."

Spider-Man 3:

Q: I have heard that Topher is going blonde for the role.

Arad: "That’s a rumor."

Q: But is it a true rumor?

Arad: "Rumors are always fun!"

X-Men 3:

Q: The pre-production on that has been, frankly, troubled –

Arad: "Complicated."

Q: Are you worried that being locked into such a solid release date is going to have a negative impact on the quality of the film?

Arad: "No. It’s a team. It’s our fourth movie together. We couldn’t have survived all this if we didn’t have a great team together, and all the stars. They’re there!"

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