More Sequel Talk from FF Stars

The cast of the Fantastic Four film continue to bask in the warmth of a solid couple of weeks at the box office.
Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis and Jessica Alba talked with Time Out magazine about the possibility of a Fantastic Four sequel, for which they've all signed up.

"I look at it as a second chance – a round two," Evans, who played the Human Torch, said. "You're always your own worst critic, so you see your performance, you see the way the film was structured and what our final product was and know immediately what we could have done to make it better.

"It's exciting to know exactly what I can personally do to bring my game up, and I think everyone involved, not just actors – the writers, the special effects guys – can see what worked and what didn't so the second one can do nothing but improve."

Time Out found out that if the stars had a super-power for the weekend, three of the four would like to fly, while Ioan Gruffudd would like to stretch.

And, "Alba also revealed that were she to become invisible in real life, the first thing she'd do is visit the guy's locker room," the article said.

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