Transformers Movie Site Launched

The new website promoting the highly aniticipated 'Transformers' movie is online with a new Steven Spielberg interview plus check out a new trailer from Comic-Con.

The new website promoting the highly aniticipated 'Transformers' movie adaption is now online which includes a new Steven Spielberg video interview, photos, news, and more. Click HERE to visit.

Meanwhile, TFW2005 has a video of a trailer of sorts that Dreamworks debuted at the Comic-Con Hasbro panel for the upcoming movie.

Here is how FilmRot describes the trailer.

"The vid begins with an introduction by Steven Spielberg and consists of footage ripped from various animated incarnations, pre-vis elements of the "in-production" film itself, and fully-rendered CG shots of the Transformers, well... transforming - all set to the classic "more than meets the eye" theme song. It's interesting to note that most of the *really* good looking stuff was not produced by Dreamworks, but rather was ripped from fan-films and shorts from around the web. Still, the pre-vis stuff looks faithful and fun, as it should. The pre-vis goodness starts at approximately a minute and fifty seconds in."

The trailer can be viewed HERE

Stay tuned to CBM for the latest....
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