Fantastic Four 2 Filming in 2006?

Michael (Ben Grimm) Chiklis says filming could start on the sequel as early as next year.
FF fans may not have to wait long for a follow-up to Tim Story's critically panned but fan-acclaimed movie.

Michael Chiklis (Ben Grimm/The Thing) told CHUD that Fantastic Four 2 may start filming as early as next summer.

CHUD asked: "Do you have anything set between Rise and The Shield?"

Chiklis: "A vacation! I've worked for 17 months straight, no break. I shoot this until beginning of August and I start The Shield in mid-September, and then I go right into, from what I understand, the second installment of Fantastic Four. And I think right after that, into another project that I'm talking about that I can't discuss just yet."

CHUD: "Another Fantastic Four already, huh?"

Chiklis: "It's not confirmed yet, but the conversation is that as early as next spring, maybe early summer to shoot."
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