X-Men 3 Receives New Editors

Mark Helfrich and others join the large X3 production as film editors along with other crew members who are filling up empty slots.
According to XMF the crew of X-Men 3 has now been updated with the additions of Mark Helfrich as editor with Mark Goldblatt and Julia Wong sharing editing duties with Helfrich.

The crew of the highly anticipated sequel is now as good as complete now that Mark Helfrich (ACE) has signed on as editor. Mark confirmed this when asked by XMF, saying; "Yes, I will be editing X3, as I have all of Brett Ratner's films."

But, he added "this project will have 3 editors. Academy Award nominee Mark Goldblatt A.C.E. (Terminator 1&2, Pearl Harbor) and Julia Wong (Erin Brockovich, Unfaithful) will be editing with me." To make sure the film comes out in excellent condition for its May 26, 2006 release, multiple individuals will be performing similar tasks.

Other names strengthening the pool of talent are Costume Designer #2 Lisa Tomczeszyn (Spider-Man), Special Effects Director Mike V├ęzina (FF, X2), 2nd unit Director Simon Crane (Terminator 3), Director of Photography 2nd unit/visual effects Jonathan Taylor (Spider-Man 2), First Assistant Director - 2nd Unit Terry Madden (Troy) and storyboard artist Collin Grant (X2, Superman Returns).

This week preparations have started at Hatley Castle (doubling as the X-Mansion) for the start of principal photography next week. The cast and crew are expected to be present for the shoot which is expected to last for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Stay tuned to CBM for the latest....
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