Haden Church Teases Spidey 3 News

The actor playing one of potentially three villains in Spider-Man 3 kept mum about his role on late night TV. A clue: it won't be a gorilla in a man suit.
Thomas Haden Church teased Jay Leno by keeping quiet about the nature of his villainous character in Spider-Man 3.

A Superhero Hype source reports: "Thomas Haden Church was on Jay Leno tonight and they discussed who he would be playing in the Spider-man 3 movie. Jay asked him if he would tell for $100 and he said he would tell Jay backstage. Then Church went through some drawings he had done himself of the villains who he would NOT be playing in the movie. The villains he had drawn were, Man of 1000 chins, the period, gorilla in a man suit, centaffe (part centipede, part giraffe). He and Jay found the bit very funny. He said he was merely trying to help out the fans. He said that they start shooting in January, with principle set to be finished in June. He says he hasn't told anyone even his mom. Though Beans his cat knows."

And, another source wrote: "I was watching Jay Leno tonight and he had on Thomas Haden Church. The guy is hilarious and will probably become one of my favorite actors just like Dafoe and Molina have become.

"Of course Leno got into asking THC about the 'mysterious villain' he will be playing in Spider-Man 3 and of course Church said he couldn't divulge anything saying he was sworn to secrecy. The only thing that he did confirm is that he will be playing a man

"He did state has put on some pounds for Spidey 3 and that principal shooting will start in January and end in June. He also got a haircut and he has a little mustache growing...but he has a long ways to go before he starts to shooting so I doubt the haircut and mustache is Spider-Man 3."

And a third said: "Thomas Church was on JAY LENO tonight. As expected he didn't reveal the villain of the movie. He says he's at 185 lbs right now and he's been working out for four months (which is why I think the Chameleon rumor is BS....they wouldn't have the poor guy go through a workout regiment a year in advance if his pecs weren't going to be poppin' out of his costume!) Church said filming does indeed begin filming January 2006 and ends June 2006."

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