More Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman

Starring in Sky High and Dukes of Hazzard has put the spotlight on TV's favorite Amazon Princess.
Lynda Carter at age 54 is experiencing a bit of a renaissance in her career with cameo roles in Sky High and the Dukes of Hazzard. Best known for playing Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV series, the former beauty queen has of course been peppered with questions about the upcoming Joss Whedon-directed WW movie.

In Sky High, Carter plays the principal of a school of super-kids who can also turn herself into a comet. So it’s a return to super-heroing for the actress, who at times has been a feminist icon.

"I was also happy to see girls represented in this superhero thing all the way through," Carter told CNN.

Regarding who should play Wonder Woman in Whedon’s film: it should be an unknown and "I want her to be wonderful and fabulous," said Carter. The role demands more than sex appeal, she added.

"It's not about guys falling all over themselves, because she would just whack them on the head and say 'Get a grip!'"

Carter has said she’d like a role in the Wonder Woman movie; perhaps as Hippolyta, Diana’s mother.

Key to a successful superhero movie is remembering a good story is about emotions as well as action, Carter said.

"Why does 'Spider-Man' work and some of the others don't? It's connection and being able to identify with the character," she said.

Carter hoped that her Wonder Woman is remembered for more than spandex and whirling costume changes. "I wanted women to love her more than men," she said.

Still, she insisted that Sky High headmistress, Principal Powers, have a sexy look.

"I first walked into the costume designer and saw she had short shoes, tweed jacket, little bun and glasses," said Carter, who suggested changes to director Mike Mitchell.
"I told him ... she can't be a shrinking violet. You cast me! It's not just somebody else. It's me! Let's just bomb her out," said Carter.
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