Joss Whedon Talks Wonder Woman

The director talks about the villains, costume, invisible plane, script, plus much more...
'Serenity' director Joss Whedon spoke to In Focus during an interview in which he provided several different updates on the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, everything from the script to the villain.

I understand you’ve not yet written a word of the Wonder Woman screenplay.
"Not too many words."

You have been working on it?
'The way I work, I’m like a vulture. I circle and circle and then I dive. I usually don’t actually write anything until I know exactly how it’s going to turn out. I don’t 'let the computer take me away.' I’m an absolute Nazi about structure. I make outlines. I make charts and graphs with colors."

You’ve done that for Wonder Woman?
"Not for Wonder Woman, because I’m still working out the plot. But I’m finding the moments that matter; I’m finding the things that make the story really resonate; the things that I just can’t wait to film. I have great big questions to answer, but I’m in that beautiful, free-form poetical place where you just get to think up moments and see if they fit in your movie. And that’s almost more fun than anything. And that work, which is a vital part of what got me interested in doing the job in the first place, is being done."

Will Diana be able to fly under her own power, or will an invisible plane be involved?
"I do not believe she will be flying. I think we have a guy who flies. I don’t see her flying. She might jump. There could be some hopping. And there may in fact be an invisible plane. But if there is, it will be because it came out really cool. And I have theories about how to make that work."

You’ve said there will be 'no star-spangled panties' like the ones Lynda Carter wore in the old TV series. Are you ruling out star-spangled miniskirts?
"Not exactly. The look that she’s sporting in DC Comics right now is closer to where I’d have her than the TV series, or the old look. The color scheme and the silhouette have to remain because they’re her. But the American flag is not what she’s going to be wearing."

You’ve also talked about her being very young. Are you thinking college-age? Teen-ager?
"I’d say that’s a pretty flexible thing because it’s her first time setting foot in the world of men. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she has to be a teen-ager. So, yes, they are thinking of a young woman. They’re thinking, I expect, of something franchise-able."

Will this be one of the key ways it distinguishes itself from other superhero movies?
"Yes, I think so. Ultimately, structurally, yes, that’s a big distinguishing factor, but I think there will be other elements that are specific to her. But then again, I haven’t seen the new 'Batman' and I haven’t seen the script for 'Supes' [Superman Returns]."

Will Diana contend with a print-derived supervillain?
"At this point I’m looking at creating something a little different. I don’t think her rogues gallery necessarily offers me what I need. But that’s not a final decision, that’s just my instinct."

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