Portman and Silver on V for Vendetta

Natalie Portman and Joel Silver on the upcoming film adaption of the graphic novel.

Actress Natalie Portman (ROTS) and producer Joel Silver spoke about their upcoming action/thriller V for Vendetta and how they feel about the project in an interview posted by About.com.

Joel, the fans seemed to love the teaser trailer but even they expressed concern over Alan Moore's lack of involvement...
Joel Silver: "I know it’s a faithful transition between the graphic novel that Alan [Moore] and David [Lloyd] created and the script that the Wachowskis wrote."

"I had met Alan years ago when we had lunch one day with Alan - and David - years ago where we acquired the project. And, you know, since that time a lot has happened on other Alan Moore projects and he just doesn’t want to be involved with this process. But David liked the script and felt we had… He liked how it kind of was faithful to the material."

Did you feel any additional pressure in portraying this particular character?
Natalie Portman: "No. You know, we do our best to make something that people will like. I mean, not necessarily that they’ll like but that they’ll be entertained by, provoked by, whatever, and you can never tell if or how people will respond."

"I’m really enthusiastic about it and I loved making it. I’m really interested by the story. I think we’ve got an amazing source in the graphic novel that Alan and David created. And I feel lucky to be a part of it."

The teaser trailer has pretty inflammatory images, including a suicide bomber kind of image. Are you worried about how this movie will be perceived given the bombings in London?
Joel Silver: "I don’t think that you can watch the movie without feeling something either way. Whether the bad authority in Iraq or compare it to how we can look at Nazi Germany, it’s a difficult time. But I think that it’s a smart movie. It’s that horrible word – intellectual. I mean you have to think about the movie. It isn’t a teen slasher movie. There’s a lot going on here."

"I think that what the boys have done is they’ve really, it is an enormous graphic novel – it’s enormous characters and stories and themes that they just couldn’t all incorporate into a two-hour movie. But it does have the same beginning and it does have a strong similar middle and has the same end. And they really made it look and feel like the novel. They used David’s drawings as the basis for the material."

"It’s shot primarily in Germany because we had an economically advantageous situation with the government there and really wonderful deals and made a really great movie there, but then we had to come back to London for a few days to really get the sense of that place. But I just think it’s a movie that is unlike a lot of other movies that are being made right now. And I think that’s good. I think our job as filmmakers is to make things fresh and unique and original…"

V for Vendetta will hit silver screens everywhwere on November 4th.

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