More X-Men 3 Casting

Country singer Beverly Mahood lands a role and actress Kate Nauta up for the part of Stacy X?

According to the Calgary Sun 30-year-old Canadian country singer Beverley Mahood had landed an unspecified role in next summer's X-Men 3. Mahood who won 2004's CCMA 'Independent Female Artist of the Year' award has also had TV work as a host on 'Breakfast Television'.

"But the good news doesn’t end there. The TV exposure also helped land her a small part in the next X-Men movie."

Meanwhile, actress and singer/songwriter Kate Nauta may be up for another role in X3 as well. Nauta, who stars as a lingerie-clad assassin in producer Luc Besson's new film The Transporter 2 is being rumored for the part of Stacy X, a mutant who secretes a special pheromone to seduce men.

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