Marvel Drops Zoom Suit

The superhero comedy with Tim Allen and Chevy Chase can now go forward.
Marvel Enterprises and Fox dropped a lawsuit holding up production of the superhero comedy Zoom from Revolution Studios and Sony Pictures. The lawsuit was filed two months ago after the debut date for the Tim Allen and Chevy Chase film was moved from August 2006 to May 12, just two weeks before X-Men 3 comes out.

The companies charged Zoom infringed on copyrights and constituted unfair competition, claiming the Sony project -- based on Jason Lethcoe's comic "Zoom's Academy for the Super Gifted" -- were too close to elements of "X-Men" comic mythology.

Sony has since moved back to its original August 2006 release but claims the lawsuit was not the deciding factor. Warner Bros. plans to release Wolfgang Peterson’s Poseidon on May 12.

Allen stars in 'Zoom' as an out-of-shape superhero who gets recruited to teach at a school that trains future superheroes. Courteney Cox, Spencer Breslin, Michael Cassidy and Kate Mara also appear in the Peter Hewitt-directed project, according to Zap2It.
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