Prof. X Says X3 Holds Surprises

Patrick Stewart says to be ready for a big surprise. Also, more casting news.
Patrick Stewart, who returns as Prof. Charles Xavier in X-Men 3, told that fans can expect the unexpected. "Already some amazing things have been put in the can, some surprises — [including] one surprise which will never even appear in a script form. We've just shot it. It's so secret, that there was never, ever allowed anything to be on paper about it."

For a potential spoiler of one of the big surprises from the film, highlight over the following text: says the script calls for one X-Men to perform a tearful eulogy at the funeral of another..

The movie, directed by Brett Ratner, started production just the previous week in Vancouver."We have shot five days on 'X-Men 3,'" Stewart recently told a Star Trek convention. "It's wonderful."

"I think Brett Ratner is going to do a fantastic job on this movie. He's an extraordinary, gifted man, and I think the perfect choice to direct X3. We miss Bryan Singer, of course, because this is the man that launched this franchise so outstandingly." The film will continue production through December, during which Stewart will be working on it intermittently, according to the fan site.

Meanwhile, reports: "X2 starlets Shauna Kain (Siryn), Bryce Hodgson (Artie), Conner Widows (Jones) and Luke Pohl (X-Kid) have joined the cast all reprising their respective roles in the sequel. The young actors are currently shooting in Victoria, Canada at the Royal Roads University.

"Bruce Davison's reps have told XMF that we shouldn't expect to see Senator Kelly back. Davison is currently shooting the highly anticipated mini-series The Triangle (Catherine Bell, Sam Neill) he then heads straight into a movie called The Real Catch."

The site adds that Vinnie Jones has been in Vancouver for a costume fitting but won't be back until next month to film his Juggernaut scenes.
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