Batman Begins Sequel Rumors

There's scuttlebutt online regarding who and what will face the Dark Knight in the planned sequel. And it may not be the Joker!
Warning: Spoilers

A source for Batman-On-Film writes that : "The idea for two films is [already] there, and David Goyer is currently putting together something - but [director Chris] Nolan is not attached to the project (yet), and they have not started writing. Nolan has apparently got two other projects that he is currently working on, but these would not affect any BATMAN sequels. Back-to-back filming is still a possibility and is being considered. But as I said before, Nolan has not even signed on, so they wouldn't agree to anything like that now."

He adds that: "The two sequels will follow a very close storyline, and Warners [is demanding] some kind of continuity in terms of the look and style of the films. This is one of the mistakes they made with the previous sequels and he assures me they won't be making the same mistake [again]!

"Expect some 'official' news from the studio around the time the DVDs come out [Oct. 18]."

Meanwhile, producer Chuck Roven told the Chicago Sun-Times that the sequel may return to the Windy City to do some filming. "We're definitely talking about doing another Batman," says producer Chuck Roven. "And we love Chicago. My daughter is attending the University of Chicago. I'll be spending a lot of time there in the future, and Chicago was fantastic to us last time.

"We really got full use out of converting Chicago into Gotham for 'Batman Begins,'" Roven adds. "It was a very easy process because you have the fantastic architecture."

And Roven denies rumors he's searching for a new, younger Joker for the film: "The Internet has the Joker cast already," Roven says shaking his head. "The 'Net has also cast the Riddler. It's just all rumors. ... The truth is we haven't even decided who will be the next villain."

He says the nod to the Joker in the current movie "was our way of tipping our hats to the very first Batman movie [in which Jack Nicholson was the Joker]."

As for the status of this sequel, Roven says, "It's up to [director] Chris Nolan and his schedule. He wants to make another movie first."

So far, "Batman Begins" has grossed $360 million worldwide, the newspaper says.
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