Pyro Returns for X-Men 3

The bad boy of burn is back for the third film and there's shocking plot rumors as well.
Warning: Spoilers

Aaron Stanford (Pyro from X2: X-Men United) will be back for X-Men 3, the actor wrote on his fan site.

Also, Ashlyn Dixon's (pictured) celebrity bio page says she has an as-yet unnamed role in the film.

And, some plot spoilers have slipped out on to the Internet thanks to a CanMag Blogger. If you want to read on, highlight over the 'invisible' text below:

"I was on the X-Men 3 set in Victoria today and talked to a production assistant and saw part of a script for the movie and I can say that for sure Professor X dies as well as Scott. Professor X dies from some sort of a disease and the whole movie is centered on Jean Gray's alter ego Phoenix. She ends up killing Scott as well as her self who is the third death in the movie. Today, the 13th, was when Halle Berry said her Eulogy at Professor X's funeral and the movie ends with Halle talking on in the foot steps of Professor X and Logan ( Hugh Jackman ) standing over Scott's grave in the gardens at Royal Roads. Other notes is that Storm's hair is quite short in this movie [and] they have also changed the way Logan looks. There will be no Sentinels in this movie but Juggernaut will be in it."

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