Frank Miller: Sin City 3? Sin City 5?

The comic writer/artist turned director says there's no reason to stop at just two movies.
Frank Miller, creator of Sin City and co-director of the hit movie (available this week on DVD), says the film was originally conceived as a trilogy but there may be no slowing the franchise down. "If you're asking me 'is there going to be a third,' my question is 'is there going to be a fifth'?," he told IGN Filmforce.

Miller says he sees a more participatory role for himself in future Sin City films: "Well, yeah, but that just happens organically. [On the first film] I was a first-time director, and now I'll be a second-time director, and organically there will just be more confidence, you know, more readiness to throw my weight around. But [co-director] Robert [Rodriguez] and I have such a good partnership that there's no strain in that - nothing; he and I are not competing."

He also he's excited to see the DVD come out, in no small part, because he can't get enough of Carla Guigano (pictured).

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