So What Will the Beast Look Like?

Perhaps the most anticipated part of X-Men 3 is how the filmmakers will interpret Hank McCoy as the furry, blue brainy Beast. Here are some hints…
A couple new set reports from the Vancouver set of X-Men 3 give some clue as to what key elements of the film, including the Beast, will play out.

From Superhero Hype, a source wrote: "I am a student at Royal Roads University and thoroughly enjoyed watching the filming. Security was tight but polite with students and let us watch as long as we were quiet, stayed where they asked us and did not have a camera.

"I ran into Patrick Stewart twice and he was very gracious. He took time to talk to several children who asked him if he was having fun. He replied that he was having a great time getting to play a super hero.

"I also had the luck of literally walking into Kelsey Grammer with his Beast head on, T-Shirt and shorts...I was going up the driveway to my car and he was coming down to the castle...The Beast is awwwwwesome!...I didn't recognize him because I was so astonished with the face...I told him he was 'looking good' and then recognized his voice when he said thanks. The face is jet black and huge and builds up on his squarish features. Just at the side the skin turns a deep blue with a solid line running down the side so his ears are blue and his neck and shoulders. The hair is a different blue and looks like he put his finger in an electric socket. No one will be disappointed!

"Following Kelsey was Hugh Jackman in costume as about luck!...he grinned back at me when I asked if I could shake his hand he said sure and came over...shook my hand...then he looks back at me over his shoulder as I am still standing there with this astonished look on my face and, still grinning, he says 'there...that was easy, wasn't it?' that man is gorgeous!

"I am a die hard Star Trek fan so my favorite memory is going to be Patrick Stewart in the middle of the lawn with only a few of us standing around and not bothering him as he talked to someone on the phone for about 10 minutes. Jean Luc is alive and well...or, as I said to the Security guard...'it's a miracle...the professor...he's walking!'"

Meanwhile, a new set shot is available here.

Flickr describes the shot as follows:
"These are lights that they use for night shots. This photo is on the grounds to the rear of the castle.

"Xmen 3 was filming on campus at Royal Roads until last Friday. I didn't really get much chance to check out the filming because I was in class most of the time, but I did take a few shots (poor ones I might add) of equipment and such. One afternoon I did see a scene with Hugh Jackman filming a scene on the castle terrace. The scene was pretty simple, it involved a lot of the delicious Hugh Jackman (who appeared tall, wore denim and had great Wolverine hair) pacing back and forth in front of the ivy wall of one of the rear drawing rooms.

"On the final day of filming my communications program went on a tour with the locations manager around the circus and the set (they were still filming so we couldn't go into the castle). She gave us basic industry information (sorry, no plot secrets...) and told us how all of the interior rooms of the castle were duplicated on a sound stage in Vancouver. No information on release dates or anything like that. And no info on men in bandannas and trench coats."

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