Tim Story Talks About FF 2

The film just crossed the $150 million mark domestically and now its director is talking about how other successful superhero films influenced his and whether he'll work on the sequel.
Fantastic Four director Tim Story is talking about what elements went into his successful adaptation of the comic book to the big screen.

Story said other Marvel films such as Spider-Man and X-Men influenced his movie:

"You always have to check out what came before you. In this crowded marketplace, you have to find out what's been done and, more importantly, what hasn't," he told F4 Movies.

He added that "The bridge sequence was the most complex [shot] by far. We had to endure shooting over several weeks on one sequence - in the rain mostly. It wasn't easy. Not to mention, trying to make it look like a daylight scene. The actors were put through so much, not to mention the crew."

And, Story admitted he'd like to redo “The space sequence. I was never really happy with it. It's hard for me to look at it. There were so many things that I wish I could do over. Almost too deep to talk about but I was learning. I never did anything close to something like that [before]."

Whether Story will be tapped to FF2 is up in the air. "The chance of revisiting this world would be, well, fantastic. There are just so many stories and ideas that we weren't able to touch in this origin movie. But now that everyone is on the same page, things could get pretty exciting.

"In the event there is a next, 'You ain't seen nada yet!'"

Check out the full interview here.
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