Marvel Conjures Dr. Strange Toon Movie

A Doctor Strange film will be the House of Ideas' fourth direct-to-DVD animated movie.
Doctor Strange will join the Ultimates and Iron Man as a direct-to-DVD animated movie from Marvel and Lion's Gate.

The film, the origin story of Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, will follow two Ultimates movies and the Iron Man on a quarterly release schedule, according to Comics Continuum.

Greg Johnson will likely write this film as well.

"In your books, you follow creative teams, you follow artists, you follow writers," Marvel Studios' Craig Kyle said. "When you watch the Ultimates, it will have one bone structure, one pallette, one look. Iron Man will have its own.

"That way when you grab one, it will be a fresh and new experience. If they do well, we will continue that look and that feel. It's like having its own universe each time."
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