X-Men 3 Hires Military Advisor

The armed forces will apparently play a big part in X-Men 3's plotline. Plus, more special effects details…
Ron Blecker has joined the crew of X-Men 3 as a military advisor bringing expertise in all things martial from his consulting firm Def Con 5 Inc. Blecker will be advising a "large group of military extras in how to use firearms, and other military tactics for a major scene in the film," X-Men Films.net learned. Blecker worked as a technical advisor on X2.

Meanwhile, creature designer Darin Bouyssou is aboard to handle specific character effects in the film, according to IMDB. Creature effects technician "deals with animatronics - a mechanized puppet of sorts," according to Cinefex. Bouyssou's previous credits includes: Jurassic Park 2, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie, and Hellboy.
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