Spider-Man 2 Poster Details

Ain't-It-Cool-News has the scoop on some early Spider-Man Promotional material. Possible titles along with 3 poster designs were discussed. Click on the link above to read all about it.

Hey folks, Harry here with a long term AICNer, who was part of a SPIDER-MAN 2 focus group by Sony last night. What were they focusing on? The titles, the advertising and all that jazz. Personally, I'd go with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, but if there's legal reasons to avoid that, I'd go with SPIDER-MAN: UNMASKED! With an Exclamation Point! That's important. Actually, personally, I'd add 3 EXCLAMATION POINTS like this!!! Then it'll be really important. Here's Psyclops with the scoop...
Hi Harry,

Today I had the opportunity to see some early promotional material for SPIDER-MAN 2 as part of a focus group. First, the title THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN doesn't look like it will be used for this film. The titles that were mentioned were SPIDER-MAN 2 LIVES (as in "he leads two LIVES", get it? Ugh!), SPIDER-MAN: NO MORE (if Marvel and Sony keep fighting over money that may end up being the case) and SPIDER-MAN: UNMASKED, which I liked much better than the previous two.

They also showed us some early poster designs for the film. The first one had a close-up of Spidey's mask with Mary Jane reflected in one eye and Doctor Octopus in the other. It wasn't a very detailed picture of Doc Ock but I did see that he was wearing a white lab coat and screaming (or laughing?) while mechanical tentacles were positioned to attack our hero.

The second poster we saw had half of Tobey's face on one side and Spidey's on the other (much like the Terminator posters) with the 2 LIVES title below it. That one looked pretty good except that it was identical to a fan made poster I had seen floating around the net before the release of the first movie. The last one they showed us was a close-up of Spider-Man's hand in his 'webslinging' pose. That one was pretty lame and you couldn't really make out what it was at first.

That was about all we were able to see, most of it looked pretty good. The group I was with seemed to really like the UNMASKED title so I'm assuming they'll go with this or just plain old SPIDER-MAN 2. I'm hoping that we'll get to see a teaser trailer in theaters before the end of summer (with HULK maybe?). Can't wait to see what Sam Raimi has in store for us this time.

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