New Ghost Rider Pics Motor In

New shots of Nic Cage as Johnny Blaze and the Comic-Con promo poster can be found here.
New shots of Nicolas Cage in the Ghost Rider movie are now online. One shows the pensive one in a cemetery and another shows him with Sam Elliott, who plays the Caretaker.

Also, the Comic-Con promo poster featuring some cool artwork for the Mark Steven Johnson-directed film has hit the Web.

Meanwhile, film critic JoBlo has some concerns about the film's prospects:
"I've been kinda avoiding saying this to myself, and certainly here on the site, but it's time I come clean - I'm worried about GHOST RIDER. What exactly it is that worries me most I don't think I can put my finger on. I think part of it is Nic Cage. Another part is that it's GHOST RIDER, which is inherently a difficult character to adapt to screen. Finally I think that, minus a few exceptions, we're starting to see the quality of our comic-related films dwindle. They're falling victim to their own success and, like the post-SCREAM teen-horror fad of the late-90s, they're becoming just kinda blah. Can GHOST RIDER overcome that? God, I hope so but if they couldn't make a kick-a** movie out of FANTASTIC FOUR, what can I hope for GHOST RIDER? One thing that makes me feel a little better is that few directors and stars know GHOST RIDER better than Mark Steven Johnson and Nic Cage. They'd be p***ed about a s****y movie just as much as we would."

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