Spidey 3 Villain Rumors Disputed

The battle of words continues over just who will be Spidey's foes in the third film.
Film fan extraordinaire Harry Knowles is refuting rumors circulated yesterday about the Spider-Man 3 villains that's conflicted with what he's already reported (read that report here).

Freeze Dried Movies claims an inside studio source lists the foes this way: Topher Grace (Venom), Thomas Haden Church (Sandman), James Franco (Hobgoblin).

An exasperated Knowles claims that's not so and is sticking by his information that says Grace is playing Electro, Church is Sandman and Franco is Green Goblin II. As further supporting evidence, Knowles points out that director Sam Raimi seems to prefer the classic Spidey foes from the Silver Age over more modern menaces.

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