More Mutants Join X3?

Is director Brett Ratner going to try to fit the entire X-Universe in his movie? Read on for possible spoilers…
Warning: Spoilers

X3 director Brett Ratner is reportedly considering adding Omega Red and Gauntlet to the ever-growing list of mutants in his film.

According to X-Men, the mutants will be making cameos in the film in a "scene that resembles the X-Men Evolution episode where the same two characters are chasing after the character, X23. Only this time…it'll be Wolverine."

Apparently the scene has been shot already. The site says it's part of the wooded scenes that have recently been shown with Hugh Jackman on the Web and may be a lead in to the Wolverine solo movie.

Omega Red is the Russian mutant weapon fostered by the Soviets who used death spores and armor to defeat his foes. Gauntlet is one of the Dark Riders and is an excellent marksman.
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