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Q&A WITH KATIE STUART(I) - Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat in X2:

Q: I am a fan of Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat, I was wondering how did you get the part of Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat in X2 - Did you audition, screen test or were you asked for the role?

Katie: 'I auditioned for the role a few times. (There were callbacks)'

Q: In the first film another (younger)actress, Sumela Kay, played Kitty, why do you think they went for a older actress for the same role in the second film?

Katie: 'I think that the girl who originally played Kitty Pryde, may have looked too old to play the part again, and they may be thinking ahead as well. (There could be a third one.)'

Q: How long did it take for you to shoot your part and where did you shoot your scenes for X2?

Katie: 'I was on set for about a week when they were filming in Victoria, over on Vancouver island, but I only filmed one quick scene there, and it was for reference. Then I had about 4 more days or so when they were filming in the Studios in Vancouver.'

Q: Did you do any special effects/green screen for the film? And did you do any of your own stunts for the big Kitty escape sequence?

Katie: 'I did a lot of green screen work for my running through walls sequence,and there was only one stunt really, and it wasn't very difficult so they let me do it.'

Q: Did you do any training?

Katie: 'No, I didn't have to do any training for the part I was pretty small.'

Q: How long is your role supposed to appear in X2, it looked like about half a minute from what i saw? I thought you were to be involved in 4 scenes: The escape sequence, museum scene, school scene and a Dark Cerebro (where mutants go nuts) scene-What happened to those scenes?

Katie: ' When you work on big films, things change all the time. A few of my scenes got cut out of the script, but it happens. Just part of the job. I'm not sure exactly how long I was on screen for. You seem to have a pretty good idea.'

Q: Did you read any comics for the role? Did you have to look a certain way for the film? Did you do any training, for instance?

Katie: 'I did read a bunch of comics, to try and figure out who Kitty Pryde was, and where she came from, but for the most part I look quite similar to Kitty Pryde (the comic version that is).'

Q: Did you shoot any more scenes/dialogue that were left out of the film, by your knowledge? What happened in those scenes? If so, do you have any idea if they will be on the DVD?

Katie: ' There's always stuff that gets left out when a film is edited, but I'm not sure if there are any deleted scenes or not. If there are, I'm sure they will be on the DVD though.'

Q: Did you meet any of the other stars?

Katie: 'I did get a chance to meet some of the stars, but I wasn't actually in any scenes with any of the big stars, so I wasn't too nervous.'

Q: What was it like working with Bryan Singer?

Katie: 'Bryan Singer is great. He has such a unique directing method, and he's very focused. He can be a lot of fun, and he's good with kids.'

Q: Did you enjoy the experience when working on X2?

Katie: 'I had a great time working on X2. I met a lot of really fun people on that shoot. Everyone was fantastic to work with.'

Q: How did your family react to your part in this major production like X2, are they proud?

Katie: 'My family is always proud of me. They were almost more excited than I was.'

Q: Did you do a lot of interviews because of your part?

Katie: 'Yes, I did a few interviews for newspapers, and that sort of thing.'

Q: How did you like the fact that the X2 promo-team used your major sequence in just about every official tv spot and trailer?

Katie: 'Haha, that was fun, but then everybody who knew me got really excited about it and I had to tell them all that that was all I did, but it was still pretty nifty.'

Q: Did you like the first X-MEN film and are you a fan of the comics or the cartoon?

Katie: 'I'm not a true X-MEN fan, but I did like the first movie and I do enjoy the comic.'

Q: Who was your favorite character from the X-MEN comics?

Katie: 'My favourite character from the comic book is probably Colossus.'

Q: Did you enjoy the movie?

Katie: 'I liked the second film a lot. It was one of the best sequels I've seen in a while.'

Q: What did you make of the ending?

Katie: 'As for the ending, I can only speculate, but I dont think we've seen the last of Jean Grey.'

Q: Have you signed up for X3 and more sequels?

Katie: 'I can't really talk about it and they don't really tell us much anyway.'

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