More Beastly News From X3

Another fan on the set of X-Men 3 shares impressions of Hank McCoy, played by TV’s Frasier—Kelsey Grammer.
A Hollywood North Report source shares this word of seeing Kelsey Grammer as the Beast on the set of X-Men 3: "I saw Kelsey. He was cool looking, a very dark blue and the muscle suit looked huge even from 20 feet away which is as close as I got to him in full makeup. It was funny. Though he spoke on his cell for a while in his normal voice that looked very strange!! I also met Bill Duke who plays the Secretary of Defense, the actor who plays the lead general and the president as well. There was a girl who is playing one of Magneto's bad mutant kids it was her first X-men film and she plays a very small part. I got a couple of pics of her and the director though.

"She has distinct similarities to the Jubalee character from the cartoon. I looked at her auto and I think her name ends[with] 'hyre' if that helps. I could be wrong though it's not very legible. As for Beast, well the hair was short both on his body and head. It's hard to describe. He was wearing business pants and a white shirt with suspenders and thin frame glasses on his face. His hands where of normal size. I don't think he has to wear gloves. And like I said he is more of a cookie monster blue than say I don't know sky blue I guess?"
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