Tarantino Wants Sin City 2

The pulp film master says he'd like to contribute to the sequel to the Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller breakout hit.
Quentin Tarantino, who collaberated with Robert Rodriguez to direct a segment of Sin City and is teaming back up with him to do Grindhouse, says he'd love to do Sin City 2.

Frank Miller recently said that Tarantino's hectic schedule may keep him from participating in the second "Sin City" film. "Well that might not be the case, actually," Tarantino told MTV. "I'll be in Austin [Texas] for a long time on 'Grind House' ... so [Rodriguez and I will] be doing a thing together, then after that he goes right into 'Sin City 2,' so they just have to offer me a scene. Maybe there's not a scene for me this time, but I can't imagine that I wouldn't make myself available if they wanted me [to]."

Read the whole interview here.
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