Wonder Woman or X3, How Whedon Chose

The Buffy creator talks about how it all went down with X-Men 3 and Wonder Woman in this interview.
CHUD caught up with Joss Whedon, the writer/director who is directing the Wonder Woman movie, about how he chose between that film and X-Men 3.

CHUD: What is the schedule for Wonder Woman?
Whedon: There's none yet, I'm still writing the script.

CHUD: So they haven't come to you with some set in stone tentpole date you have to meet?
Whedon: That's exactly why I took the gig. They came at me with Wonder Woman at the same time they came at me with X-Men, and they both had advantages, but X-Men was all about the schedule and Wonder Woman was all about not having a schedule. Joel Silver said, 'She's waited for 60 years, she'll wait a little longer.'

CHUD: I think that schedule for X-Men 3, watching it go into production so late, it's scary to look at.
Whedon: I had lunch with Avi [Arad] and Lauren [Shuler Donner] and even before the appetizer came I realized, 'Wait a minute, with this date there's no way this can happen. So, what did you order? How you been? How's Ghost Rider going?'

CHUD: Since you're going to be doing Wonder Woman is there a chance you'll be jumping over to do DC Comics at some point?
Whedon: There's a chance. It's all about time right now. Ultimately I'm not a DC kid. I have a couple of DC crossover things I would love to do, the one I mentioned before being Buffy/Batman, but I was a Marvel boy. The X-Men will be my Marvel run for a while, but that's the mythos I grew up with. It has that resonance, and you need that resonance because you're not going to own anything and it's not like my wife was saying, 'Woo hoo, here come the comic book dollars! We’re buying that beach house!'
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