Sue Storm to Marry in FF2?

Hottie Jessica Alba says nuptials are in order for the sequel.
Jessica Alba told IGN Filmforce what she knows about what will happen to Sue (Invisible Woman) Storm in Fantastic Four 2, and that is the character will be "Married. I think they need to get married. I know what the first 20 minutes of the movie are gonna be. It's really cool. They're getting married. Maybe I'm giving away too much, but yeah."

Regarding Sin City 2: "[Co-director] Robert [Rodriguez] talked to me about 'Sin City' ... I had dinner with [creator] Frank [Miller] and he kind of told me what he thinks is going to happen with Nancy. It's really cool. It's something that he's writing. My commitments are 'Sin City' and 'Fantastic Four.' If they ask me to do them, those are two things that I absolutely [will do]..."

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