Superman Returns Video Journal #25

Video Journal #25 has been released, titled 'Jimmy Meet Jack' and the official Superman Returns site has been launched as well.
The new video journal from the highly anticipated Bryan Singer directed Superman film is now online which gives fans a close look at actor Sam Huntington playing the role of Jimmy Olsen.

The Superman mythos is full of legacies, and Jimmy Olsen is no exception. In 'Superman Returns,' young actor Sam Huntington steps into the shoes of Superman's pal and aspiring photographer for the Daily Planet, and he didn't have to look far for inspiration. Jack Larson, who played the cub reporter on the Adventures of Superman (starring George Reeves), has a role in 'Superman Returns' and he passed the bowtie to a new generation.

Click HERE to see the video!

Also, the official website for Returns has been launched by Warner Bros. and can now be visited HERE

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