Spider-Man 3 is Kirsten's Last?

Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson) explains why she may not be reprising her role in a sequel to Spider-Man 3.
Kirsten Dunst, who is currently starring in Elizabethtown beside actor Orlando Bloom and also plays Mary Jane in the Spider-Man films spoke on whether or not she will continue to play the character after SM3.

Q: When you do start Spiderman 3?

A: "January"

Q: Are you doing anything special to prepare for this one?

A: "I do have to take lessons in two different things. But I can't say because I would give it all away."

Q: Is this really going to be the last one for you?

A: "Yeah, unless they pay me an absorbinent amount of money. (laughing) Well if there is more story to tell and Sam Raimi is on board and everyone is then maybe but this is what I am signed to do…three."

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