X-Men 3 Trailer Description

An early description of X3's upcoming trailer which includes Juggernaut and Beast among others plus details on it's total time length.
According to a source over at CanMag the trailer for X3 which will be released soon will include footage of characters such as Juggernaut, Beast, Colossus, Wolverine, and many others. The trailer is reportedly a total time of 1:57 seconds long.

Below is the trailer descirption:

Black Screen:

Scene of Cyclops talking as the Professor lays to his left on a straight glass like table.

Cyclops: "The Professor has slipped into a deep coma. A virus of some sort has overtaken his body."

Screen flashes black:

A scene of Storm talking to Kitty Pride. Kitty Pride has her hands on her face crying.

Storm: "Sometimes the decisions we make are the hardest ones to understand, when they cause us pain."

Screen flashes black again:

Scene of Wolverine running through a forest at night. Looking behind him, he leaps towards the camera and grunts

Screen goes black again:

Music begins as a slow background drum with a low base trombone

Scene of the X men (Cyclops, Beast, Rogue, Kitty Pride, Wolverine, Storm and Iceman) that is viewed from a hovered camera. A flash of orange light hits them and the screen goes black again

Scene of Pyro and Iceman standing in a cave like structure glaring at each other: (The background glows a yellowish tint)

Pyro: "Bobby didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with fire?" (Igniting fire in his hand that lights the cave)

Iceman: "No John, my mother told YOU never to play with fire." (Hovers an ice ball in his hand)

Screen goes black again

Scene of Cyclops again, this time talking to an off screen character in the X Mansion

Cyclops: "The last thing I need is you here."

Off-screen character: "The first thing you need here, is to remember who you are talking to."

Screen black again:

Scene of Colossus jumping in front of Kitty Pride to save her. A punch sends him across the screen

Kitty Pride Yells, Rouge screams for Iceman

Black Screen

A Scene with Magneto speaking

Magneto: "You can not be that foolish to think you can control your powers." He begins to hurl objects off the screen

Black Screen:

Scene of Jean Grey falling to the ground through a tall building, like a wounded bird, head-first

Black Screen:

Shot of Cyclops standing over a recently dug grave. The day is dreary and grey. He has tears in his eyes

Cyclops: "I never wanted this for us. Please believe me when I say that. I will miss you."

Black Screen

Close up Shot of Beast

Beast: "If we fail, we fail all of mutant kind as well."

Black Screen

Wide Shot

Juggernaut leaping over a ravine, viewed from a side wide out shot

Fade to Black

Professor X’s Voice: "Friends sometimes die. Enemies are reborn."

Black screen

Screen shows a large X with Wolverine’s claws running across it to make a three indent.

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