New X3 Set Pictures & Updates

Pics of 'Worthington Labs' from the set plus Simon Kinberg on the future of the X-Men franchise, details on Magneto action sequence, and actress Dania Ramirez joins the cast as a villain?
New set pictures from the Vancouver set of X-Men 3 where the Wall Centre hotel doubles as Worthington Labs. In the movie, Worthington Labs is run by the father of Angel (Ben Foster) in X3.

Below is a picture from the set:

For more pics from the set click HERE

Meanwhile, X3 writer Simon Kinberg spoke to IGN FilmForce in a recent interview where he discussed the possibilities of more films after the anticipated sequel.

IGNFF: Does X3 set up an X4 or the Wolverine spin-off? Or is this really the end of the X-Men film series?

Kinberg: "We didn't write the script with the next movies in mind. But it's definitely not the end of the series. I know they [20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios] plan on making Wolverine and more X-Men movies. We wrote the script as the end of a trilogy, the end of one cycle. The next movies will start a new cycle."

In other news, actress Dania Ramirez was reportedly spotted in Vancouver by the Vancouver Sun preparing for her role in X3 as a villain.

"Dania Ramirez (She Hate Me) sweating it out with her personal trainer at Ron Zalko's last Friday. She's here to play a bad girl in X-Men 3, we hear."

Ian McKellen will also be shooting a Magneto action sequence on Lougheed Hwy. later this month according to the Agassiz Observer

The film's location manager, Ann Goobie, said filming will close the highway between Evergreen Dr. and the Agassiz Bypass between Oct. 11 and Oct. 15.

The 24-hour closures will allow crews to film a spectacular stunt sequence in which a semi and several smaller vehicles will be flipped over. Other driving stunts will also be performed

Goobie said McKellen is the only principal actor from the movie series who will be in town for the shoot.

Agassiz will stand in for an unspecified location on the east coast of the United States, she noted.

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