Jessica Alba Talks Sin City 2 & FF

One of comic moviedom’s hottest actresses talks about her upcoming projects. talked with Jessica Alba about Sin City 2 and Fantastic Four while she was touting her latest flick Into the Blue.

Regarding Sin City director Robert Rodriguez, Alba said: "I talked to Robert, and he's doing some movie with Quentin (Tarantino - Grind House), where they're each writing half of a movie and then they use the same 12 people. He's doing that now and then I know he wants to do 'Sin City' after that, but Frank is like a big Hollywood star now.

"He's being offered all these things to direct and write," she said. "I had dinner with him, and he has some pretty damn cool ideas about Nancy, and I think he's going to write something for me. I mean, he said he was. Who knows until I see the script. He might do it as a graphic novel first and then release it simultaneously? I don't know."

As for Fantastic Four, Alba said this about bad reviews by comic fans: "Any negative buzz anybody had, they knew nothing about the comic book," she insisted. "They were comparing it to Batman. It's not dark. It's a fun, family comic book. That's the charm of it. It doesn't take itself seriously, and it's a little campy. That's why kids and parents can read it and everyone can get something from it. I know most of the reviews wanted it to be another movie. They didn't understand why the 'Fantastic Four' was successful, and they certainly didn't know anything about the comic books."

She doesn't read comic books herself, although she admitted to reading them when she got the jobs, according to Coming Soon. "I thought they were profound," she said when asked what she thought of the "Sin City" graphic novels. "I couldn't believe that I hadn't read them before, and I thought that I was missing out on the graphic novel world, because it's just so… graphic. I don't think my mind can ever go where Frank Miller's mind goes and having his illustrations with his dialogue. It's very old school and nourish. It's pretty incredible."

You can read the full interview here.
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