Stephen Rea Talks V for Vendetta

One of the stars of the upcoming Wachowski Brothers' adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel speaks.
Stephen Rea, who plays a policeman named Finch in the upcoming V for Vendetta, had this to say about his role: "He's a nice policeman," he told Superhero Hype in reference to the overwhelming fascist tactics of the ruling government in the film. "There comes a point where you stop playing rebels and start playing policemen, and you stop playing madmen and start playing shrinks. I'd much rather be the madman, but this is a very interesting cop in that there's the government, and there's the terrorists, and he's in between them. He doesn't like the government any more than he likes the terrorists, but he is working for the government."

"It's the Wachowski brothers, so how interesting is that?" he continued. "It's a wonderful, fantastic experience to work with those guys. I read the graphic novel when it became apparent that I was going to do the movie. It's a very interesting response to Thatcher's Britain but it's really about Bush's America."
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