Batman's Mansion Nearly Destroyed

The mansion used for exterior shots of Wayne Manor in the 1960's Batman television series escaped damage from nearby fire.
On Wednesday night Wayne Manor, the mansion that served as the home of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, in the 1960's Batman television series, escaped being destroyed by a fire, following early reports the house had been gutted. But a house nearby in Pasadena, Los Angeles, that had been used in movie shoots was destroyed.

"It was a fully engulfed inferno, for lack of a better term," Pasadena Fire Department spokeswoman Lisa Derderian said. TV footage showed flames leaping high into the night sky.

The fire department initially said it was the house made famous as Batman alter-ego Bruce Wayne's home. Several false reports put the series taping at 160 S. San Rafael Avenue, the home that was burned and the same impressive home where scenes from the Rocky V film had been shot. The "Batman" TV series was actually shot farther down the street, at 380 S. San Rafael

Sixty to 70 firefighters worked hard to prevent embers from igniting brush behind the home, which is in the city's Arroyo district. A police helicopter hovered above the site to search for flare-ups as well.

"There's a very large brush area behind that residence," Derderian said. "It had the potential to turn into a very volatile event if any wind conditions were prevalent."

Fire crews from Pasadena, Burbank, Glendale and the city and county of Los Angeles were on scene, she said.

The home on South San Rafael Avenue was 16,000 square feet and sat on 5 acres of land, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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