Haley Ramm Talks X-Men 3

The young actress on playing young Jean Grey in X3.
Actress Haley Ramm, who can currently be seen in the movie "Flightplan" alongside Jodie Foster spoke to TheXverse about her role in X3. Ramm plays young Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) in the film.

How excited were you when you first found out you got the role? What was it like, auditioning for a part in such a big film?

Haley Ramm: "I was very excited to book Young Jean Grey! Since it is all so top secret they did not give the actors who were auditioning any lines beforehand. So when I arrived I was given some lines and had a few minutes to look at them. When I got the callback it was all improv with the director, Brett Ratner."

Did you get to meet Famke Janssen on the set of the film? Can you say whether you worked with her at all?

HR: "I can’t tell you who I worked with but I CAN tell you that Famke was on set and is extremely nice! She has an adorable dog that was with her!"

When Jean first found her abilities in the comics, she was crying a lot and very temperamental. Without giving away too many details, was there a lot of emotion in the scenes you were in?

HR: "Oooh! Too much information! But can you imagine if you suddenly discovered that you were different from your family and that people were frightened of you? It sure wouldn’t be much fun."

Were you at all star-struck when you first got to the set for X-Men 3?

HR: "I couldn’t wait to get to the set. I wouldn’t say I was starstruck but it was a lot of fun sitting in the lunch tent with Sir Ian and tons of mutants!"

Do you have any funny stories you could share about your experiences on set?

HR: "Well, my wardrobe is from a different decade and I think I looked pretty weird."

What was it like to work with incredibly experienced actors, like Patrick Stewart, where there's a large age gap between yourself and your co-stars?

HR: "I love talking with the actors that are older than me. They have some great stories-not just about their work. It’s hard to remember that they do normal people stuff, too."

Do you have anything you would like to say to fans of the film?

HR: "X-Men 3 is going to be great! The cast and crew are wonderful. And, of course, I hope you like my performance. I think Brett Ratner did a great job directing me!"

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