John Debney on X-Men 3 & Spider-Man 3

Will the composer be working on Spider-Man 3 with Sam Raimi and X3?
Film composer John Debney talked to IESB about possibly composing Sony's Spider-Man 3 and is Debney working out a deal with Fox to work on X3 soon?

He did do some work on Spiderman 2 so of course I had to ask if he would be interested in doing Spiderman 3 since Elfman is no longer attached. He said that he likes working with Sam Raimi and that he would love to work with him on the next installment. He does admit that Sam has been working with another composer but that if it comes his way he would be more tha happy to work on Spidey.

Is there another comic book adaptation that he's like to tackle in the near future?

To our surprise he mentioned that he has been talking to Fox about working on X-Men 3 but it's too early to say if he is officially on board.

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