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Fellow superhero news site SHH has up an exclusive interview with the star of The Hulk Movie Eric Bana. Here's a bit where he talks about running into Lou Ferrigno. "Eric spoke about meeting Lou Ferrigno on the set of the film: "It was a big thr
SHH Interview: Eric Bana Talks Hulk
Wednesday, June 4, 2003 1:13 CDT

Chuck The Movieguy got a chance to talks with Eric Bana. Eric spoke about meeting Lou Ferrigno on the set of the film:

"It was a big thrill because I was always a big fan of his, not only from the Hulk but as a bodybuilder. You know, him and Arnie, pumping iron were a big part of my youth. So I did what everyone else does when they meet Lou for the first time, you say, "You mind if I touch your arm?" Get a good handful. That was a big thrill to meet him, absolutely. There’s actually a scene in the film that was cut. Him and I have dialogue together. It might turn up on the DVD."

Bana also spoke about his favorite scenes in the film:

"There was probably two or three, I really like the scene in the hangar between Nick and myself towards the end where we’re both sitting on those chairs in that darkened environment. I also like the scene between me and Jennifer in the log cabin after I have been Hulk the night before with the dog fight, and we’re playing with the notion, she comes up with this idea that emotional damage has no limits and if its manifests itself physically than there are no physical limits. The idea that the Hulk could just keep on going and going and going was actually a scene that Ang had re-written at 3 o’clock that morning. We got a knock on our doors saying the scene has been re-written, here it is. Learn it and we’re gonna start shooting it in a few hours. That’s probably one of my favorites."

Eric also spoke about playing his role in the Hulk video game:

"Yeah, it’s kinda weird. I mean I love playing Play Station myself, to sit there and do a voice for an upcoming video game was kind of fun. I had a good time."

He also addressed the issue of pleasing Hulk comic geeks (like us):

"I’m interested to see what they think of the film now that I’m actually finished with it, but I didn’t partake for a second of any of that while I was making the movie. I got a lot of confidence from Ang who was very, very good at ignoring the outside world while we were making this film. I never once even asked anybody what was going on out there. Because you can’t, you end up servicing the wrong God so to speak. You end up chasing your tail and you won’t end up making a product like this if you’re trying to chase your tail following what people think or expect and they haven’t even read the script. So I’m blissfully ignorant of all those kind of discussions, but I’m very respectful of the fans wishes and I’m sure they’ll be pleased. I can’t wait to see their reaction. Quite frankly, they have every right to deserve a great movie and a great interpretation."
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