Blade Calls for New Cast

Details on the characters being cast in the anticipated Spike TV Blade series.
Blade, which will be adapted for television in the upcoming series on Spike TV, is reportedly now casting major roles for production in Vancouver starting in November.

The show will be produced by New Line Television and Marvel Studios. David Goyer, who wrote the screenplays for all three Blade films, is executive producer.

The following is a portion of the new characters currently being cast:

Christa Starr, Caucasian, 20s - 30s.
She's a doctor and former military medic who has recently been discharged from active service. Drained by her combat traumas, Christa is trying to re-enter normal civilian life when she gets word that her fraternal twin brother, Zack, has been killed under mysterious circumstances. Unable to get any satisfaction from the police, Christa decides to investigate Zack's death herself. It's a decision that catapults her into a strange new world of vampires and familiars that she didn't even know existed. A courageous, tenacious and fierce adversary, Christa is captured and "turned" by powerful vampire Marcus, who enlists her in his vampire ranks. SERIES REGULAR

Shen, Asian, 20s -
30s. Blade's loyal ally, he's a thin but muscular Asian with a shaved head and an imperturbable manner. A former religious man, Shen now devotes his energies to the good fight against the vampire hordes. He helps perfect new technologies for Blade to use in his battles, and his mere presence helps the driven Blade achieve at least a measure of inner peace. SERIES REGULAR

Chase, any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. She is an attractive vampire who appears to be naive, although her hungry eyes tell a different story. Chase is Marcus's most loyal and efficient follower. She helps him kill Zack, Christa's fraternal twin. Later, after Christa is herself turned into a vampire, Chase takes her on a tour of the vampires' world, and gives her a sweeping overview of the vampires' tumultuous history. SERIES REGULAR.

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