USA Today To Reveal X3 Characters

Is Callisto among the mutant horde expected in the third film?
Warning: Spoilers

USA Today is reportedly planning a big "character reveal" article for X-Men 3 in an upcoming issue which will feature the first official released images of cast members from the film, according to X-Verse.

Expect the images (especially Beast and Juggernaut) in the next few weeks, the paper's publicist told the fan site.

Meanwhile, actress Dania Ramirez (pictured below) is reportedly going to play Morlock leader Callisto in the film. The Morlocks are mutants too disfigured to live among "normals" in Manhattan. Cameron Bright will play Leech, another Morlock.

Callisto is seen on the Golden Gate Bridge in the film in which Magneto is seen leading his mutant army (including Jean Grey, Pyro, Juggernaut, Callisto and other Omega mutants).
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