Marsden Talks Superman Returns & X3

Find out what James Marsden has to say about the new films.
Actor James Marsden who plays Cyclops in the 'X-Men' movies, spoke to Newsweek about his roles in both the highly anticipated Superman Returns and X-Men 3 films.

You're shooting the new "Superman" movie, right?
"Yes, one of these gigantic movies. It takes an eternity to finish—we started in March."

And you play Lois Lane's fiancé?
"They have a child together—and Superman comes back and sees the love of his life is moving on. That's basically all I can say. They make you sign these lengthy confidentiality agreements."

How is Superman different than the "X-Men" films, which are also directed by Bryan Singer.
"Bryan creates an atmosphere around him. He has a certain directing style that he has obviously carried over. I think that the tone of “Superman“ is going to be a bit more fun and light."

You're playing Cyclops again in "X-Men 3," too. Is it hard acting with your eyes covered?
"What's difficult with Cyclops is that he's very stiff. I had to rely on my voice to convey emotion. When you're surrounded by these great voices like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, it really helps hone your skills. But we have a 4½-year-old boy named Jack. He doesn't know what to make of me on screen yet. I think it sort of spooks him. When I'm in the car, I have a pair of sunglasses to block the sun while driving. He'll see me in the rearview mirror and say: 'Dad can you take those off?'"

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