Whedon to Update Wonder Woman's Look

The Writer/director plans an Amazon Makeover!
Joss Whedon says he'll be getting Wonder Woman to drop the granny panties look that was classic for Lynda Carter in the 1970s but won't work for his new movie.

"We're definitely have a nicer look than that," he told Suicide Girls. "It will be the Wonder Woman silhouette, but the star spangled adult diapers are gone."

As for special effects, Whedon says Matrix producer Joel Silver, who is also doing WW, will influence the action. "Wonder Woman is going to have major special effects because she's Wonder Woman. Joel and I are very much on the same page about how big this movie is and what kind of movie it is. I'm not worried about any conflict there. But with Joel, he wakes up and there's conflict but it's the good kind. The kind that makes good movies."

As for Whedon's favorite Wonder Woman era from the comics: "I don’t really have a favorite. [George] Perez did some great work and John Byrne did some cool stuff. I think Greg Rucka is doing some cool stuff now. But ultimately I don't have one that I can pinpoint as canon. That's kind of why I like the project."

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