1st Look at Ghost Rider's Blackheart

Johnny Blaze's supernatural nemesis makes his debut on the Web.
Below is the first look at Wes Bentley as Blackheart from the upcoming Ghost Rider movie, starring Nic Cage.

In the image, Bentley is flanked by Mathew Wilkinson (Abigor) and Daniel Frederiksen (Wallow) at the Old Train Station.

Director Mark Steven Johnson described Blackheart's character as: "I did a lot of research on demonology and one of the stories I founded fascinated was the whole rebel angel story, where Lucifer led the charge into Heaven and when he lost, St. Michael cast him down and all the rebel angels became fallen angels," Johnson said.

"One of the mythologies I really liked, some of the fallen angels didn't follow Lucifer into Hell. Some landed in the desert, some fell into the ocean, some kept falling, and they became elemental demons, demons that hide in the elements. I thought that was a really cool idea and so that was kind of the basis for Blackheart coming here.

"Blackheart's tired of waiting for the End of Days, so, like a lot of young people, he says I'm going to give my dad the finger and do it myself. So he comes here and he begins collecting these demons. So Johnny (Blaze) as the Ghost Rider must find them and bring them back."

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