Sin City 2 Seduces Clark Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan says he'll likely return for the Sin City sequel but didn't his character die? Here's how…
Warning: Spoilers

Michael Clarke Duncan says it's likely he'll back for Sin City 2. But according to Empire Online:

"Hang on, though... didn't Manute die in the first Sin City? Well, yes, but the story that will form the basis for the Robert Rodriguez-Frank Miller sequel, A Dame To Kill For, takes place before Sin City: The Movie. So Duncan's had a reprieve... now he just needs to get the nod from Frank'n'Robert that he's returning," according to Empire Online.

"We've talked about it," Duncan told the Web site. "Manute has a very big role [in that] and I certainly wanna be a part of it. You'll think, 'didn't he get killed?' but Frank doesn't do it in order. True fans will understand that."

Look for Sin City 2 in summer 2006.
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