New X-Men 3 Spoilers Galore

Read on if you want to know lots about the action in the upcoming film.
Warning: Spoilers

Many new scenes from X-Men 3 are being described online by eyewitnesses claiming to be close to the Vancouver, B.C. set.

In one report relayed by The Aggassiz Harrison Observer, filming that took place on the Agassiz bypass is described as follows:

"Last week the shot a convoy getting flipped over. Special effects will be added later, that will show Magneto using his powers to push the convoy off the road. The stunt consisted of a few rigged cars being flipped and crashing into each other. A few hidden cameras were hidden behind foliage, and they also a crane-cam and some stationary ones."

"Sir Ian McKellen's body double was there in costume to show Magneto using his hands to push the vehicles off of the highway. He had his cape and the helmet; his costume looked similar to that of the previous movie," according to the report passed along by Film Fanzine.

Location scouts are also visiting Grouse Mountains in Vancouver.

Meanwhile, Brazilian magazine Galileu reports that its reporters saw some explosive scenes being filmed at the Golf Club Drive in Delta. X-Verse roughly translated the article as follows:


At a noble Vancouver suburb, Canada, the mutant known as Wolverine is laying down at a sidewalk, with his indestructible body covered in debris. The hero tries to arise – just to be violently defenestrated by his enemy and Magneto’s new henchman - the Juggernaut.

Applauses and hails form as the filming crew completes the scene: we are on the set of X-Men 3 – one of the most well-occurred comic book based franchises ever made by Hollywood. There's a blockbuster feeling in the air: in addition to the "flying" Wolverine we talked about, three more are roaming around between the 250 crew's people working there, including two other Wolvie's stunts and the Australian star Hugh Jackman. Galileu was the only Brazilian media vehicle invited to watch the action on the new movie's set.

Although twelve reporters from all around the globe were visiting the place, the days order was the most complete and classified top secret silence in order to keep the surprises that would be ruined by general spoiling. But the interviews with the producers, the director and other stars like Halle Berry, Famke Janssen or Hugh Jackman, on the other hand, revealed some cool secrets. Lets show em:
• This time the fans won't be disappointed with Storm who will actually fly for real, as seen in the comics. She said she didn't use stunt doubles - she just had a bucket by her side incase she needed to vomit. "The movie will have more action, humor and sexual tension, but we are following the directions set by the first two movies," said director Brett Ratner, who entered on the franchise to replace his friend Bryan Singer.
• New mutants will also be shown on the big screen. Without a shadow of a doubt, the one most explored on the spot should be the Beast, the genius in a feral body, portraied by comedian Kelsey Grammer, from the "Frasier" sitcom. "It's a privilege having him aboard," says Ratner.
• Famke shall return very different from the other movies. After Jean Greys death at the end of X2, she must resurrect as the evil Dark Phoenix, a key character belonging to one of the most well-ocurred comicbook sagas. "We are not allowed to talk about it," said Famke.
• Jackman also avoided some questions. "Everything is enhanced in this movie, like the action scenes and the relationship of Storm and Wolverine's says the actor, who might gain a Wolverine's solo movie in 2007.

Galileu will be with eyes wide open for it!
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