Ultimate Avengers Fight Through Four

The movie version of the hit series The Ultimates will feature four major battles.
There'll be four major battles in the upcoming Ultimate Avengers movie, says producer/director Bob Richardson.

"Which is a lot to put in a 70-minute movie," he told attendees at this weekend's Wizard World Texas.

Richardson showed a clip of one of those battles as Captain America, Giant-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Betty Ross try to control a rampaging Hulk.
Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch and Marvel Studios’ Craig Kyle joined Richardson on the panel.

"The script was fantastic," Hitch said. "It had all the elements of the comic -- the angst, the characterization and the intensity."

Also, the first four direct-to-DVD Marvel animated films -- Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2, Iron Man and Doctor Strange -- will be released about three months apart, with Doctor Strange targeted for February 2007, according to Comics Continuum.

The Giant-Man/Wasp abuse element from the comics was toned down because there wasn't time in the film for Giant-Man to redeem himself, Kyle said.

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