Blade Has 'Sticky Fingaz'

Is actor & rapper Kirk 'Sticky' Jones taking over the role of Blade in the upcoming TV series?
According to AICN, rumor has it rap artist/actor Kirk Jones AKA Sticky Fingaz has been selected to play the role of sword wielding vampire killing comic book hero Blade. Jones, formerly of rap group "Onyx" starred beside fellow actors Dennis Quaid and Tyrese Gibson in last year's "Flight of the Phoenix". He can now be seen in the FX network television series currently airing titled "Over There".

Sticky is an amazing actor, and it came down to the wire between him and another well known action star.

Production was said to begin in Vancouver this month in November on the series which will air its two-hour, action-adventure TV pilot early next year on Spike TV. The show will be produced by New Line Television and Marvel Studios. David Goyer, who wrote the screenplays for all three Blade films, is executive producer.

The following is a synopsis of the show:

Tenacious vampire slayer BLADE forms an odd alliance with CHRISTA STARR, a woman who wants revenge upon the vampires' House of Chthon, and the powerful MARCUS, for slaying her fraternal twin brother. But while Blade battles the vampires from the outside, Christa battles them from within -- after being changed into a vampire herself...

Stay tuned to CBM for further developments...
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