Quarterly Earnings Shed Light on Marvel Movies

With some wonderful news for Punisher 2, Deathlok, Namor, Blade TV Series, Fantastic Four 2, Ghost Rider and more...
Tons of content to run through. So if you want to skip through all of my ranting, the article that you can search through yourself is available here.

Now if you want to skip to the good stuff you can just read it all right here. First I want to start with my speciality.

-Punisher, they are still slating the movie for fall of 2006 but are still looking for a writer.
-Paramount scooped up Deathlok. No date has been determined as of yet. Universal scoops up Namor.
-The first animated Ultimate Avengers DVD will be release on Feb 21, 2006.
-Marvel is working on three live action television shows. (Alter Ego, Blade, Skrull Kill Crew).
-Fantastic Four 2 is pushing for a release date of July 4, 2007 and is also looking for a director.
-Ghost Rider is now coming out a bit earlier on July 14, 2006.

Feel free to scan over the report. Also check out my last post for LGF press conference tomorrow morning. You can join our messageboards to discuss details about these Marvel happenings.
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