Team Behind Halo Armor Build Zoom Suit

Nightmare Armor Studios, Famous for Master Chief Armor, Brings Alien Suit to Life
November 7, 2005, Palm Beach, FL – Nightmare Armor Studios, the team responsible for the creation of the real life Master Chief Armor from the video game Halo, has built a life sized replica of the alien suit featured in the award-winning animated short and soon-to-be comic, Zoom Suit. Photos of the Zoom Suit and Nightmare Armor’s Master Chief armor can be seen at

The creation of the Zoom Suit took master sculptor Sid Garrand and six artists and craftsmen approximately ninety days. The complexity and high tech aspect of the costume, such as the moving parts and numerous lights, made the task even more challenging.
“I think it’s exciting and very original,” said Garrand. “We’re excited to deliver the best armored Zoom Suit possible. We came up with some very cool concepts for the costume. The suit has chrome plating on numerous parts, candy apple green and blue automotive painted parts and green LEDs to match the alien glow featured in the comic and animation. It’s awesome and we’re thrilled to be the group chosen to bring the Zoom Suit to life. We received a tremendous amount of attention from our work with Microsoft and expect a similar reaction to the Zoom Suit. This project is by far the highest quality of work we’ve ever done.” The award-winning animated short Zoom Suit, created by John Taddeo, can be seen online at The Zoom Suit comic book will be solicited in the February edition of Previews for items shipping in April 2006.

“I saw the Master Chief Armor at MegaCon last year and knew instantly that Nightmare Armor Studios were the guys for this job,” said Zoom Suit writer and director John Taddeo. “This is a work of art. Sid and the guys did a great job. We’ll be bringing Zoom with us to MegaCon 2006, so stop by for a photo.”

About Nightmare Armor Studios
The Nightmare Armor creative team consists of sculptors, artists and mold specialists. They offer the creation of anything you can imagine. The team has created costumes for video game, cartoon and comic characters. Their designs have been showcased the world over and featured at trade shows in Europe, Canada, Japan and the United States. NAS has been featured in numerous trade publications, magazines and TV spots including G4TV and Defuse. Visit their web site at

About Zoom Suit:
Zoom Suit has quickly become the darling of the film festival circuit appearing in over 40 festivals since the world premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival on April 18, 2005 where it won “Best Animation” from the Palm Beach Film Society. Since then Zoom Suit has been featured in film festivals across the country including New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Diego, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Michigan, San Francisco and Los Angeles. At the current rate, Zoom Suit will be accepted to over 100 festivals by mid-2006, and viewed by over 250,000 fans of comics and animation. Zoom Suit the comic, written by John Taddeo with art by Billy Dallas Patton and featuring covers by Gene Colan, Jim Starlin, Bob Layton and Bart Sears, is planned for release in 2006. For more information or artwork, please visit the Zoom Suit web site at
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